Local Water

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In olden days local people would provide clay pots of water by the side of the road for the use of passing people. More recently piped water fountains have been provided. It is considered a good deed to provide these and certainly really needed in our hot summers.

Nubian History

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If you would like to learn more about the history of Nubia check out this page http://www.anth.ucsb.edu/faculty/stsmith/research/artifacts_survey.html 


Buy local crafts

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We recommend Carvanseria at Medinet Habu for hand crafts and authentic Egyptian produced goods.

Donkey Rides in Luxor

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One of the popular family favourites to see the west bank.

Nubian Art

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Image0892 Image0893

How to enjoy the desert

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If you are doing a trip in the desert and want to understand why the rocks form like they do, try this book http://www.aucpress.com/p-4852-the-geology-of-egypt.aspx


It is easy to read and explains it all

Nubian Baskets

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One of the very typically crafts from Nubia is basket work, here are some examples


Shopping in the souk

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A Special Day Out

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Some recent guests wanted a special day out from Luxor and this is what we gave them. First we took the desert road to Aswan, on the way they saw desert formations and the reclamation projects. The contrast when we got to the Nile was dramatic. Then they went to the camel market and saw locals bargaining over camel sales. Then they went to the temple at Kom Ombo and had a tour there. Finally they boarded a dahabiya for lunch and a Nile cruise until sunset, there was enough wind to raise the sails although most of the cruise was by tug, if you would like a special trip like this please contact us for details.

. The crew put on a lively show for them with music and dance. What a day out.

Lush green Luxor

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Taking this photo of the development I was struck by how lush and green it is around the village. You can see the new rooms being built next to the existing villas.

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