Nile Cruise on a Dahabiya (sailing boat)

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This the cruise our guests recently went on. We started at Esna and cruised up the Nile stopping at Edfu, Gebel Silsila, the Camel Market at Darwa,  Philae and Aswan. It was a wonderful trip for them and the crew made sure they enjoyed themselves. Even down to making a birthday cake!

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Lush Green Luxor

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Taking this photo of the development I was struck by how lush and green it is around the village. You can see the new rooms being built next to the existing villas.

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Spiritual and Health Benefits of Egypt’s Deserts

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Renew your energy, restore your well being and invigorate your body with a trip in Egypt’s  deserts. A trip in the desert is a great opportunity to reconnect with your inner self and get back to nature. The Bedouin way of life has so much to teach us, to bring us in tune again with our inner self. Meditate as the sun rises and the birds catch the morning thermals. As they soar in the sky, your mind will soar in spiritual renewal. Here, where there is evidence of the earliest man with primitive petroglyphs, get back to your essential core. Rest your body with sleep under timeless stars and deep dark nights. I have taken people to the western desert and to the Sinai and they come back changed, let me change you.


Are you looking for a special desert experience in the Sinai?

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The Sinai is a truly magical place with history going back to Biblical times and Moses. Get the flavour from these wonderful photos from our guest Kim Lau and if you want to go contact us

Enjoy our swimming pool

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Don’t forget that our swimming pool is available for relaxing around and taking a few laps. 🙂

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Sunset from our roof top restaurant

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Recent Guest Photos

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Special Offer for Autumn 2015

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Are you looking for an autumn break?

14 reasons to visit Luxor, Egypt without hordes of tourists, queues at the tombs, crowds spoiling your photograph.

Ramses II Mortuary Temple, The Ramasseum, Luxor Egypt

1.    24 historical sites to visit excluding the Valley of Kings!
2.    River Nile to sail on to while away a sunny afternoon
3.    The new replica tomb of Tutankhamen is open
4.    The Mut temple, part of the Karnak complex, is now open
5.    Camels to ride around the village and desert
6.    Eco friendly transport options – donkeys!
7.    Blue skies and guaranteed sunshine – I have been here 11 years and only seen 3 proper rain showers
8.    Friendly locals who give you an Egyptian welcome
9.    Tasty local food ripened in the sunshine
10.    Lots of Egyptology advice from the author of Hidden Luxor
11.    Quad bikes to race in the desert – winner buys the beers
12.    Biggest Open Air Museum in the world
13.    The most beautiful sunsets for the romantic lover – I set up a marriage proposal once and they are still speaking to me
14.    Only 5 hours from Europe

but wait isn’t Egypt a war zone? Not really, Egypt’s main problematic areas are far away from the many Egyptian wonders and the new government takes tourist security really seriously. Since the revolution none of my guests have had a problem, it is a great time to get Egypt to yourself.

So if you are looking for a fun, knowledgeable and exciting holiday this autumn, come to the Nubian Village Hotel Luxor. The summer heat has finished by the end of August and the kids have gone back to school.

holiday deals in Luxor, Egypt

Take advantage of our special offer £30 a night for a couple including breakfast.

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PS yes that is right all that history and culture on your doorstep
PPS yes that is right just £30 a night for two people incl breakfast
PPPS Offer open for bookings before 15th Dec 2015

Nubian Village Hotel 2014 year in blogging

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Your 2014 year in blogging

Getting ready for winter guests

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Just loaded lots of photos on Facebook ready for a new Spanish guests. 008


018 as we get ready for the winter season