Explore the Western Deserts of Egypt

 What do you want from a desert tour?

Have a look at the map and decide what route you would like to take.

We recommend you start from Cairo and then  you have the choice of going via

  1. Siwa, Bahariya, Farafra, Dakhla, Kharga, Abu Simbel, Aswan, Luxor
  2. Siwa, Bahariya, Farafra, Dakhla, Kharga, Luxor
  3. Bahariya, Farafra, Dakhla, Kharga, Luxor

No 1 is the longest route and allowing one night in each location should take a minimum of 5 days. However 15 days is much better in order to see all the attractions route and not to spend long days on the road. Obviously with more time you can spend longer in each location. No 3 is the shortest and can be done in 3 days but again more time means more can be seen.

Kharga area

There is a short cut between Luxor and Kharga where you are free to wander in desert, see a real oasis, met local people and see places of beauty. The route takes you via Baris the Black Valley, Crystal Quarry, Deers Valley, Alabaster Valley, sand dunes and the Temple of Isis at Dush.  Visit one of the oldest Christian necropolises in the world at Bagawat home of the oldest Basilisk church, the Exodus Chapel and Peace Chapel. Then onto the Temple of Hibis built by the Persian king Darius in the 26th Dynasty. The best preserved temple in the Western Desert built for the God Amun Ra recently re-opened after extensive renovations. You will see many different types of sand and rock formations with plenty of wild life birds and reptiles together with a hit spring swim.

Dakhla area

Gilf Kebir, Abu Balas,  Wadi Bakht and Eight Bells Wadi Sura and discover the delights of the caves there,  Karkur Talh, experience traditional Bedouin hospitality and have a hot spring swim. Experience the beauty of Qasir, the oldest inhabited Islamic town, just outside Dakhla. Visit the old city of Mut and Balalt, one of the earliest Pharaonic sites.

Aswan/Abu Simbel area

Go to see the great temple of Rameses II and the smaller temple of Nefertari his wife at Abu Simbel. Visit the Nubian monuments of Amada, Wadi Elsibow which are between the Valley of Lions. Travel on Forty Days Road, see the camel skeletons and camp near the Tocha lakes. Travel through Camel Valley and then on to Palm to stay overnight. Whilst you are there you will see the East Uwaynayt Desert Visit ancient African civilisation of Nabata Playa. See the cave paintings at Karkur.

Farafra Area

Qasir, the oldest inhabited Islamic town, just outside Dakhla. Visit the old city of Mut and Balalt, one of the earliest Pharaonic sites. Go deep into the Western Desert and close to the great Sand Sea. Visit Farafra Oasis for lunch and head into the magical White Desert to look for fossils and black pyrites. . The White Desert is the largest in the world, there are beautiful formations such as mushrooms and ice cream cones!!!

Bahariya area

The Crystal Mountain where you can hunt for quartz. Take a hot spring swim close to the Black Desert and its pyramid shaped mountain. Visit the Valley of the Golden Mummies.

Siwa area

Siwa, the most remote Western Desert oasis with its Berber descendents. Visit the city of Shall in Siwa, the natural hot springs, the Dead Mountain and the home of Alexander the Great. Siwa’s Great Sand Sea, Have an adventure amongst the sand dunes and lunch by the slat water lake and watch the sunset.  Marsa Matrouch, visiting the cemeteries and the museum of World War II en rout to El Alamin.

Camel safaris

Unique camel journeys among the ancient caravan routes and road ways which used to link the oasis together. The camel routes joined North Africa with the Sudan and the Nile, choose a tour 1 -12 days depending on your schedule. You can visit Hot Springs, Yellow Desert, Great Sand Sea, Old Dome Tombs. Including Bedouin food and music, sleep under the stars, hike mountains, visit archaeological sites.

Contact me and we can plan your unique desert trip.