If you want see the sites of Middle Egypt we can arrange this for you. From a two day, one night trip that allows you to see Beni Hassan and Tel Amarna starting and finishing at Luxor. To a more in depth trip that overnights at Assuit, Minya(3 nights) and the Fayoum allowing you to see your choice from these historical sites and finishing at Cairo. We will provide an experienced driver who has done this trip many times before and knows the route. 

Departing Luxor on route to Assuit

  • Dendera
  • Abydos
  • Sohag
  • Akhim

Around the town of Minya

  • Meir
  • Sheikh Ibada
  • Tell el Amarna
  • Deir el Bersha
  • El Hammamiya
  • Tuna el Gebel
  • Hermopolis
  • Gebel at Teir
  • Frazer Tombs
  • Speos Artemidos
  • Beni Hassan
  • Tina el Gebel
  • Beni Suef


Around the Fayoum and on route to Cairo

  • El Lahun
  • Meidum – pyramid and 4th dynasty nobles
  • Lisht – Pyramids 12th dynasty and mastabas
  • Dashur – Red Pyramid, Bent Pyramid Black Pyramid White Pyramid Southern Brick Pyramid
  • Abu Sir – 5th Dynasty Pyramids

Obviously this route can be done from Cairo to Luxor as well. 🙂